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Please note: I have removed some of the stories off this page for one of two reasons:

1) Rating: Anything R rated or higher is now posted on my second blog (see below)


2) I am only posting one (maybe two) story at a time on this page to try and complete them all instead of just posting one chapter of a new story. I hope this doesn’t annoy anyone as I will be reposting the stories as they are re-written.

HI there! I’m Ashlee, or most of you know me as vegetasbubble. I have been writing fanfiction since 2004. I started off writing quirky little one shots based on the pairing of Bulma and Vegeta from Dragonball Z (thus my user name). I’ve also covered a number of fandoms since writing my stories and have also removed a lot of stories that I didn’t like or that I thought weren’t written well. I have a profile over on fanfiction.net and archive of our own with the same username. Recently I have created this WordPress blog to keep a collection of all my stories and to keep you all updated on whats going on and why.

Note: I do not post stories on this page any higher than an M rating. For stories rated R and over, head on over to my other blog: suchsexistories.wordpress.com There you will find a plethora of sexy and lemony goodness.  

My new email is now vegetasbubble(at)yahoo(dot)com(dot)au


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