01. Eric

/ -*-*- / PROLOGUE / -*-*- /


My name is Eric Northman. I’m not your normal guy, in the least. I’m twenty-eight and have lived in New York City for almost ten years. In those ten years I have found my passion – tattooing. I got my first ever tattoo when I was seventeen after my parents sent me to America from Sweden to finish high school. It was of a pirate skull and bones and was hidden on my chest. My parents would never find out. At high school I met a couple of guys who introduced me to a guy called Godric who would teach me how to tattoo. The guy was only twenty-three but he had mad skills. He was from Norway but had a shop in central New York. I went down to his shop one day and pretty much demanded an internship.

Five years later Godric told me I was free to tattoo by myself. I was a fully-fledged tattoo artist now. It didn’t take long for my clientele to build up and I suppose I had Godric to thank for that. The guy was a genius at teaching me anything and everything. A few years ago Godric came to me about becoming partners in a tattoo shop and we opened one, Ink Me, when I turned twenty-five. It was a small shop with a bunch of artists but soon grew and we ended up expending – twice.

I work with some great people.

Godric is awesome. He’s the only guy that I let tattoo me. He’s a master at portraits and black and grey and the tattoo he did for me of my mother and father on my ribcage was astounding. Godric is one of those guys where he can be really quiet one minute and then blow up in your face the next. Point of interest, don’t piss him off.

We also have a girl working with us – Pam. She’s originally from England but lost her accent after living here too much. She’s awesome at colour and life-likeness. She and Godric had a thing a few years ago, which lasted all of five-seconds before Pam realised she pitched for the other team. Pam is like my sister, she’s awesome and empowering and one of my best friends.

Our shop was always busy and we always had people walking in and booking appointments. We were so busy after a few months that we had to go and hire a shop manager. Her name was Ginger. She was older but still knew how to do a good job.

One boring afternoon, the only one we had all week, Ginger popped her head into my office out the back.

“Hey Eric,” she said, hand on her hip, “Just letting you know your client will be here soon. Did you want me to set you up?” Ginger had a crush on me, it was so obvious, but there was no way in hell.

I nodded and smiled, “Thanks Ginger.” She bounced on her toes and left. I hadn’t had a tattoo all day. I had come from the construction of mine and Godric’s next project – a bar. We had always spoken about it when I first started out and now that we had the customers and the money we could finally do it. A friend of Pam’s, Chow, was in charge of the project.

It would be nice to get some ink into someone. I stood up from my desk and made my way out to the floor. Godric and Pam were both tattooing and Ginger was busying herself with getting my station set up. I took a moment to look around my shop. It was a dream come true and I had finally done it.

I was removed from my little fantasy when the door to the shop opened and the bell above it dinged. Ginger hurried to serve the person and I went to my station to check everything was done. “Eric,” came her voice. I looked up. “Your appointment is here.”

I made my way over to the front desk, interested to see who I would be tattooing. As I made it there, my breath caught.

Holy. Fucking. Hell.

Before me, standing in a white sundress with yellow stitched in flowers, was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. She had shoulder length blonde hair pulled back with a white headband. From the looks of her, she had no other ink or piercings. She was gorgeous.

“Uh…hi,” I said, losing myself in her eyes. They were a gorgeous shade of brown. Caramel, maybe? “I’m Eric.”

“Hi there. I’m Sookie. Sookie Stackhouse. I believe you are the lucky devil who gets to inflict pain on me,” she replied, shaking my offered hand. She was sweet and not from New York, that much was known. Her smile lit up the room and I knew from just looking at her, listening to her, I was hooked.

Oh, fuck me.


So, what does everyone think? I really like the idea of Eric with tattoos. I will describe him to you all in the next chapter. Promise. Let me know if this is one of those keep it or dump it stories. I am still working on my others, this one just popped into my head. PLEASE REVIEW!


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