02. Sookie

/ -*-*- / CHAPTER ONE / -*-*- /


When I had first told my friends that I had wanted to get a tattoo, they all tried to talk me out of it. Tara, my best friend since forever, had said what the point was. She didn’t think I needed to do anything to my body because I was perfect – Tara had a crush on me when we were younger but it died once she met her one and only, Naomi. Layfette, Tara’s cousin, asked me why I would want to mar such beautiful creamy white skin – he was totally out there and proud gay.

There was reason behind my tattoo, like each and everyone else’s. My name is Sookie Stackhouse. I’m 25 and I’m a councillor at a high school here in New York. I love kids, I always have and I love helping them reach their full potential. Last year, at the end of the school year, one of the students I had been helping for almost a year approached me and thanked me for helping him through his final year of high school. He had brought me a hand drawn design of a peacock (my favourite animal) with the Chinese sign for talent etched in the middle. I had hung it on the pin board behind my desk with the photos of my friends and family.

Just last week, three weeks into the new school year, I had been looking at the design and loving each and every detail he had put into it. Last I heard he was studying Art History at University. I had pulled the picture off the pin board and studied it closely. At home that night I had stripped down to just my underwear and placed the sketch on various parts of my body. I had never thought to get a tattoo. I had cried when I had gotten my ears pierced and that only last three years. But as I held the paper against my back, (trust me, it was hard to do), I liked it. Like, really liked it.

The next day I had flipped open the phone book and went tattoo shop hunting. There were hundreds in the city but I only wanted one. Closing my eyes, I held my hand up and brought my finger down and landed on a tattoo shop name.

Ink Me. Hmm, interesting.

Two weeks later I dressed in a white sundress with yellow stitched in flowers (a dress my Gran made, may-she-rest-in-peace) and white ballet flat shoes, pulled my handbag over my shoulder and made my way from my small apartment to the Subway and riding it to the block that Ink Me was on.

I found the building quite easily. It was a large building on a street corner next to a small café that I had dined in a couple of times with Tara. I don’t know how I had ever missed the shop. I pushed the door open, the small bell above it tingling as I entered. The entry way was gorgeous. Modern art meets old Goth, as Layfette would put it. The walls were a dark shade of purple and the roof was black. There were paintings along the walls of famous pictures and I couldn’t help but smile when I recognised some of them.

The receptionist booth was before me with no one there. A second later, a woman appeared. She was older, had a lot of tattoos and even some piercings. “Hi there,” she said, smiling, “What can I do for you?”

“Uh hi, I have an appointment with Eric Northman.” She smiled and turned to the computer, a large iMac – the same one I had at work – before turning back to me. “Let me just grab him for you.” I nodded and expected her to leave the booth to get him but she just turned and said, “Eric” quite loud. She turned back and smiled at me, somewhat amused.

Did I look that out of place here?

Soon, a man appeared from the back room. Holy heaven almighty Jesus, I thought as the man appeared. “Your appointment is here,” Ginger said to him. He was so good looking. Tall, about 6’3″ and blonde. He was wearing a black tank top and dark jeans that hugged his figure. His blonde hair was spiked up at the front and I could see a small slick of black in his hair.

His tattoos, on the other hand, were amazing. Because he wore the tank top, I could see he full arm sleeves he had done. There were amazingly beautiful. Bright colours and beautiful designs. Dragons, koi fish, lions, wolves, symbols, portraits and flowers. The man’s arms were gorgeous. I couldn’t see any other tattoos, so I supposed he just wanted his arms done. But then again, he did have clothes on. Sookie, stop that! My inner me shouted as I smiled as he finally reached the booth.

He held out his hand. “Uh… hi,” he said, obviously a little nervous. Nervous, why would he be nervous about meeting me, I wondered. “I’m Eric.” I took his hand in mine, swallowing the ball of lust that was growing in my belly.

“Hi there. I’m Sookie. Sookie Stackhouse. I believe you are the lucky devil who gets to inflict pain on me,” I replied, smiling and using all the Southern Belle charm I had with me. He grinned and I groaned inside.

“So what you havin’ done today, darlin’?” he asked and I didn’t know if he was flirting with me or making fun of me. I looked down to check his hands, (his very large hands, mind you) which he had placed on the countertop. Yep, no ring. No tan mark either. I pulled the sketch from my handbag and held it closed while I spoke to him.

“One of my students drew this for me last year and I have recently thought it would make an interesting and nice tattoo,” I said, finding his eyes, “But I don’t want it changed. I want it done exactly how he drew it, is that possible?”

His eyebrows raised and he put his hands in his pockets. “May I see it?” he asked, very formal. I sighed heavily and opened the paper. Was I really going to do this?

I handed it to him and he took it slowly, our fingers touching. He looked at the picture, staring hard and looking close. I could tell he was critiquing it. Finally, his eyes lifted and met mine. “This is a gorgeous piece.”

“Thanks,” I replied, feeling bad that I was taking credit for the work. “I thought so too.”

“You said your student did this for you? You teach art, Miss Stackhouse.”

“Its Sookie. And no, I’m actually a councillor at the high school. I help kids reach their highest potential. He was a great kid. Studying Art History now, I believe.”

Eric raised his eyes. “And you helped him achieve that.”

“I help a lot of kids do a lot of things,” I said, smiling. Now I was the one flirting. He grinned and turned to Ginger, mentioning something about scanning the picture so I could get the original one back. He turned back to me and smiled that god-awful-sexy-smile again. “It’ll take about ten minutes for me to sketch this out, did you wanna take a seat on the couch and I’ll call you over when its ready?” I nodded and made my way over to the couch. On the small table in front of it there was a pile of magazines and I noticed Eric’s face on the front of one.

I stole a look at him and saw him lift his head and wink at me.

Oh God. I’m fucked.


So, did everyone like the update? I hope you all liked the descriptions of Eric’s tattoos. The flirting between the two of them was fun to write as well. Next chapter we will have lots of Sookie / Eric conversations, and he finally applies her tattoo. Also, Sookie meets Pam and Godric and asks a favour.

Reviews are welcomed and enjoyed, as ever!



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