03. Eric

/ -*-*- / CHAPTER TWO / -*-*- /


When I seen the sketch that Sookie had brought it I couldn’t believe an eighteen year old kid did it. I told her to have a seat on the couch as I sketched her piece for her. Out of the corner of my eye, I watched her sit at the couch that had magazines on it. Magazines with my face on them. She looked up at that moment and I don’t know what made me do it, but I winked at her. She blushed and turned away, looking at the door.

This girl was gorgeous, head to toe and she was educated too, and helped kids.

I took the sketch to the back room quickly, to get Godric’s opinion. He was tattooing a redheaded woman with a koi fish when I neared him. He stopped what he was doing and looked up. I showed him the sketch and explained the story.

“Wow, the kids good.”

“You should see this girl, man,” I say to him and watch him chuckle as he returns to his work. Pam calls out from across the floor “Is she hot?” to which I reply with my middle finger. Godric calls us children and I head back out to retrieve my client.

“Ready, darlin?” I ask. I can see that my compliment of calling her darlin’ works as she blushes a little before standing and following me to the back room. We walk past Pam and Godric who both give her the once over and grin at me. I lead her to my station and I sit down beside the bench. “So where are we putting this?”

She bites her bottom lip and I almost kiss her. “Well, I was kinda thinking on my back. Low enough so that I can still wear dresses to my family events and not have them know I have a tattoo.” I smile at her honesty and remember that she’s in a dress.

Oh fuck. She’s gonna – Holy shit she’s gonna –

I watch as she turns around and mentions to the zip that goes from the top of the dress to almost halfway down. “Mind unzipping me?” she asks. Is she flirting with me? What a minx. I grin and chance a look at Godric and Pam. They are both smiling and trying not to get caught. I grip the zip and pull it down ever so slowly, taking in each and every piece of white flesh. She has some freckles here and there but apart from that she’s just pure white skin. The zip ends just below where her panties start and I notice she is wearing red and white lace undies.

Fuck me dead. I grab the template and place it on her skin, pressing down on her back as she stands before me. “Just check the placement in the mirror and we’ll get to work.” Sookie heads to the mirror to check and I see Pam and Godric watching her. I mouth “Fuck off” to them both and they chuckle and continue their work.

“Its great. I like it.”

“Alright then, up on the table.” I mentioned to the bench and Sookie smiled over her shoulder. She holds her dress as she hops up on the table and I turn away as she gets herself comfortable on the table. I look back a second later and see her lying on the table. She was breathing heavily, like she was nervous. “Right there, darlin’?”

“Its my first time,” she said. I heard Pam chuckle and I shot her a look. “Will it hurt?”

“I’ll start with a small line and you can tell me how it feels, okay?” I say to her. She bites her bottom lip and I suddenly have a vision of her lips around my cock, moving up and down and brining me to sweet, sweet release. “Hey, it’ll be okay. I’ll be gentle.”

Then she smiles.

I move the machine and touch her back with one hand. So soft. “Ready, darlin’?” She nodded and I smiled. “Don’t move.” I moved the needle down and made a small line. I felt her tense but she didn’t move. “How was that?”

“Bearable.” I smiled and continued my work. About fifteen minutes later, just as I had finished the outline and started the colouring, I started asking questions.

“So this kid, he draws great.”

“Yeah. He does. I’m waiting for him to become famous and ask for my cut.” I smile at her joke and look up to see her eyes are looking straight at me.

“So you have a lot of kids you help?” I ask, staring at her eyes. I could spend hours, days, even weeks, staring at those eyes.

“At the moment I have,” she stopped for a moment to think, “about twelve. All different ages.”

“That’s really cool, Sookie,” I said, continuing my work. I started to add the colour to the peacock’s feathers and out of the corner of my eye, I could see Godric and Pam approaching. They must have been finished with their clients.

“Hey there, Eric,” Pam said as she neared us. She looked at Sookie’s back and I didn’t know if she was looking at the tattoo or Sookie’s skin. “Wow.”

“It’s a fine tattoo, Eric.”

Sookie looked up at the two of them and smiled. “Hi.”

“Sookie, this is Godric and that’s Pam. They’re artists too.”

“I see that,” Sookie said, smiling at me. God, that smile. I finish up the tattoo and wipe it over with an alcohol wipe. Give it an extra wipe and tell her she can hop up. She sits up slowly and I give her my hand to steady herself on. She hops off the bench and goes to look in the mirror.

I smile as I see her face light up. “Eric, oh my goodness! Its gorgeous!” I come to stand beside her as we both look at the tattoo. I feel her closeness and I hope she enjoys how close I am to her. “Its amazing. Thankyou so much.”

“You’re very welcome. I’m glad you like it.” I then take my time as I cover up the tattoo and instruct her on how to keep it clean over the next couple of days. She smiles and heads to the counter to pay. After she does and just as she is about to walk out, I hear myself speak.

“Hey Sookie,” I say, smiling at her, “I was thinking. The kids you help at your school. How would they like to come and have an art class? Here, at the shop.” Her face shows confusion and for a minute I feel like she is going to tell me no. I hope she doesn’t. This can’t be the last time I see her. New York is to big to not have someone’s number to contact them.

“Are you kidding?” she asks, and heads back to the counter. “You’re serious?”

“Yeah, Godric, Pam and I can all teach something different. I’ll be interesting.” She smiles again and I want to kiss her.

“Oh my god, the kids would love that so much. Are you sure you’ll have the time?” she asks.

“Yeah, we’re always busy. We can close down for one afternoon.”

“Wow, Eric. Thankyou so much. So, when then? So I can let the kids know?” I think for a moment about my response. If I say to soon then she may feel like I’m coming on to strong and if I say to far she may think I’m only interested in the kids. I pick the following Monday and we exchange numbers. “Thankyou so much for this Eric. I’ll tell the kids tomorrow and give you a call okay?”

She smiles and thanks me again as she walks out. I sigh heavily and lean against the counter. Pam and Godric are soon next to me and I smile. “Man, offering art classes just to get laid,” Pam says, in her own smart-arse way, “You’re hooked buddy.”

Godric places a hand on my shoulder. “Poor little Eric.” He laughs as they return to the back room but I am happy. I get to see Sookie again in less than a week and she’s going to call me tomorrow.

I am one very happy mother-fucking man.


Another chapter. Hoped you liked it. More Sookie/Eric to come. Thinking the chapters will be about 10 chapters long now, including Prologue and Epilogue. Maybe a Sequel to follow if there is enough interest. Reviews are love!



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