04. Sookie

/ -*-*- / CHAPTER THREE / -*-*- /


I waited until almost noon before heading to the Principal, Andy Bellfleur and proposing the field trip. Andy’s family and my own were old friends from back in Louisiana and I was shocked when I transferred here and found out he, and his cousin Terry, were the Principal and the Gym teacher. I knocked on Andy’s door and smiled my famous “Sookie Stackhouse” smile.

“Come on in, Sookie,” he said. I sat in front of his desk and grinned. “What is it this time?”

“So, I have a proposition for you.” Andy looked up from his desk and looked at me. “Not like that Andy, gosh.” He chuckled and sat back in his chair. “So, I met some people who would be really great influences on my kids. They’re willing to give them art classes next Monday in the afternoon.”

“Uh-huh, and who are these people?” Andy asked and I gulped. I wondered if he was going to say no, if he would laugh at me for even suggesting it.

“Uh… tattoo artists.” Andy’s face was a mixture of seriousness and amusement. “Oh Andy come on, you know as well as I do that living in New York you’re bound to meet some different people. Besides, its not like Arlene is having a great time teaching them. Most of these kids don’t even wanna take art because of her.”

“Arlene is a great Art teacher.”

“You keep telling yourself that.” Andy sighed and his brow furrowed. “Look, I’ll take all the responsibility. I’ll plan everything and I’ll pay for it. These are great kids Andy, they deserve a chance to be taught by real artists.”

Andy eventually caved but I had to promise him I would bring him some of my Louisiana famous pumpkin pie for lunch the following week. I darted out of Andy’s office and made my way back to my office.

I had a message sent to all my kids to come and meet me after lunch. They did and I told them what I had planned. They all seemed to love the idea and I sent a permission slip home with all of them, telling them they had to be back by Monday morning. I then called in a favour from my friend Sam who owned a transport business and asked if I could borrow one of his mini-buses. He Okayed it but asked if we could go out.

Sam was a great guy, he was, and I knew dating him would be easy and fun and just like home, but I didn’t want that. That’s the whole reason I moved to New York. I politely declined and Sam still let me use the mini-bus. He said he would send one of his drivers to pick me and the kids up at two on Monday afternoon. I thanked him and then headed back to my office to call Eric.

I breathed in deeply and let tried to calm myself. Eric was hot, there was no doubt about that but I didn’t want to start dating someone straight away, not after my last relationship.

His name was Bill Compton. I had been a junior in college and he was a twenty-eight year old business man. I knew it had been a huge age gap (I was only twenty-one) and my friends didn’t like him but he was charming and sweet and my first love. Until I found out he was married and had three kids. We dated for six months before I found out about Lorena and his children. She had sent me a nasty email and text message after finding the texts I sent to Bill. I ended things, straight away and ignored him for the remainder of the time I was studying.

I left Louisiana and never looked back and never wanted to hear from Bill Compton ever again.

But Eric was different. I had looked for a ring and seen none, not even a tan mark. He was sweet and charming and artistic. And hot. Couldn’t forget him being super-hot.

I stared at my phone and the number posted beside it.

“Fuck it,” I whispered and started to dial. A minute later, it was answered.

“Ink Me Tattoo parlour, this is Ginger.” I chuckled on the inside when I heard Ginger’s voice. She was going to be shocked to hear from me.

“HI Ginger, its Sookie Stackhouse. Just wondering if I could speak to Eric please?” I asked in my sweetest-fuck-you voice. I heard Ginger mumbled something and said she would get him. I breathed in, and breathed out. Calm down, Stackhouse, I thought.

“Eric speaking.” Ginger hadn’t told him it was me.

“Hey, its Sookie.”

“Miss. Stackhouse. Nice to hear from you. How you been?” I could tell he was flirting, I had only seen him the day before and he was being extra sweet on the phone. “How’s the tattoo doing?”

“Its going well, thanks Eric. A little itchy, though.”

“That just means its healing, darlin’.” There was that darlin’ again. My insides melt when he called me that.

“Oh ok. So I spoke to the Principal and the kids and they are super excited to come and see you guys on Monday.”

“That’s great. I’ve managed to convince Godric and Pam to join in and they’re excited too.” I smiled.

“So is Monday at 2 okay? I’ve convinced their teachers to let them have the final period off to come down.”

“That’s perfect. Its usually our slowest time, actually.”

“Great. So I suppose I’ll see you all on Monday then?” I asked, hoping he would continue to flirt.

“See you then, darlin’.” He did and I grinned like a mad hatter.

“Bye Eric.” I hung up and sighed heavily. The guy was a saint, a hot saint. This weekend couldn’t go fast enough, I told myself as I turned back to my work.

Eric is such a sweetie, isn’t he? So I’m going to try and update again this week sometime, don’t know when but hopefully soon. I’m getting married in 3 weeks so I won’t be updating as much when that’s happening, obviously. Next chapter: Sookie takes the kids to the tattoo shop and Eric asks Sookie a question. Reviews are the cherry’s that go on top of my cake 😀


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