06. Sookie

/ -*-*- / CHAPTER FIVE / -*-*- /


I don’t know what overcame me but after I dropped the kids off at school and rushed Sam back his mini-bus, I raced home and jumped straight in the shower. Eric had this effect on me, like he could just smile that smile or say “darlin'” in that way that he does that just makes me want to turn into a pile of goo.

After my shower, I stand in my bedroom, hunting for the perfect outfit. I haven’t been out on a date since I moved to New York. Its not that I haven’t been asked, its that I haven’t felt like the people have been right.

My brother Jason is a dater, he loves going out with all different types of women and in his position as Deputy Sheriff back home, he has the uniform that all the local ladies seem to be obsessed with. He had called me over the weekend and told me about his latest girlfriend more than the news of the town.

I finally decided on an outfit. A black a white striped skirt, a black off shoulder top and a pair of black strappy sandals. A pair of stockings, a cream coloured purse and a gold necklace completes the outfit. As I sit in front of my mirror, brushing my hair and placing a cream coloured hair band in place, I wonder if Eric will like what I wear or, more importantly, if he will like me.

Taking one final look at my appearance, I grabbed my cell phone and made my way out if the small apartment building I lived in. It was one of the reasons that I didn’t want Eric to come pick me up. I didn’t want him to see the small apartment where I live. I locked the door and made my way down the street, where the café was that I was meeting Eric at. I stopped on the corner and took a deep breath.

Eric was standing outside the café, by the sidewalk checking his watch and looking around. He looked so good. He wore dark jeans, a white button down shirt and a black jacket. You couldn’t see a single tattoo and in a way, it was nice seeing him like this, though I preferred tattoo Eric. After taking another breath, I made my way over to him. He smiled as he saw me.

“Hey Eric,” I said, as I neared him. He grinned again. God help me.

“Hey Sookie, you look nice,” he said and I couldn’t tell if he was nervous. I finally stood before him and smiled.

“You too Eric,” I replied. He took my hand and led me over to the door.

“What kind of coffee would you like, darlin’?” he asked, as he pushed the door open for me and we walked inside. His hand still held mine tightly.

“Just a mocha please,” I said, joining him as we say down at a small table. The waiter came over and took our order and then Eric turned back to me.

“Do you want to know a secret?” Eric asked me, leaning closer. His hand still held mine on the table. I looked out our joined hands and smiled a little. “I was worried, when you were walking out after getting your tattoo, that I wouldn’t see you again. New York is a big place, you know.”

“Yeah,” I replied, “I felt the same way. I’m glad you asked me to bring the kids around. I think they really enjoyed it. And I liked seeing you again.”

“You too, Sookie.” I grinned and thanked the waiter when he brought over our coffees. “Thankyou,” we both said as they were placed before us.

“So tell me Eric,” I said, “why did you get into tattooing?”

“I always had the drive to draw. I loved art. I always have. Its one of those things, you know. I would grow up reading comic books and pay closer attention to the detail on the faces and in the backgrounds then what was actually happening in the story.” He grinned a little. “Suppose it sounds silly huh?”

“No, I love art as well. I did my art course while I was at college but counselling was more important at the time.”

“Do you enjoy it?” he asked me and it made me think. Sure I had given up the dream I had of opening an Art Gallery in New York so study counselling but the dream was still there. Deep, deep down.

“Yeah, yeah I do,” I replied finally, knowing he wanted a truthful answer. “I love helping kids.”

He grinned at me and I liked it. We finished our coffee’s and Eric paid the bill before I even had a chance to pull out my purse.

“So, time for dinner then?” he asked, standing and holding his hand out to me. I grinned and took his hand and he helped me up. Wearing the shoes I was, I couldn’t control my feet and slightly tripped. Eric grabbed me around the waist, catching me before I fell onto him. I braced myself against his hard chest with my hands and I gasped. He looked down at me, his eyes boring into mine like I have never had done to me before. Was I falling for this guy, hard? I coughed slightly, straightening myself up and brushing some hair out of my face. He grinned and took my hand again. “Lets go then, darlin.”

Another chapter out of the way – sorry this one was kinda late. I have been working on this chapter for over a month though. Reviews are welcomed and enjoyed.



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