07. Eric

/ -*-*- / CHAPTER SIX / -*-*- /


It was a short walk to the restaurant, about ten minutes, but in those ten minutes I made sure to get to know this blonde angel who was holding my hand just as tightly as I held hers. She was truly a vision. We eventually reached the restaurant, a secret little bistro that only true New Yorkers knew about. It was called Indulge and was one of the fanciest places to take a woman out. Though I had known about Indulge for a number of years, I had never taken anyone here before, but Sookie was different and I was glad to share my secret with me.

“Here we are then,” I said, mentioning to the bistro with one hand. She looked up and her eyes widened. I followed her eyes and smiled. Indulge was lit up in purple while the simple green foliage covered half the building. While it was a tory story building, the bottom floor was the only one used for customers while the upstairs was used for storage and the owner’s office. I knew this because I knew the owner and he was a good friend and a regular customer.

“Wow,” she whispered and I pulled her a little closer, smiling down at her. She grinned back and we slowly walked to the front door, which I opened for her and held my hand against the small of her back as we made our way to the to the matradee.

“May I help you sir?” the moustached man asked and I had a feeling he was new. Phillip, the usual matradee, knew me by name and I never had to tell him who I was, just a quick smile and wave and pointed to my table. This guy, on the other hand –

“Yes, Eric Northman, party of two,” I replied, my hand still on Sookie’s back. She felt amazing, even when there was fabric between my hand and her skin.

“Ah yes, outside table – follow me please,” he started but I held my hand up.

“I know the way,” I said, smiling and leading Sookie outside. She shot me a look along the way and I grinned at her, “I come here often.” She nodded and I led her to a small table near a fence. I had booked an outside table because of the privacy and possibly getting to know Sookie better. I held her chair out for her and she snuck me a small smile as she placed her small frame on the chair. I gently pushed some hair off her shoulder as I pushed her in a little. I sat across from her, making sure I could still be close enough to feel her presence. “So, what do you think?”

“Its amazing, so cute and quiet,” Sookie responded, smiling like a love-struck teenager, “I’m glad you brought me here, Eric.”

“I’m glad you like it Sookie,” I replied, taking her small hand in mine, “But you have to keep this our secret.” She nodded and grinned, smiling as the waiter handed us our menus and she ordered. I imagined Sookie to be a health nut – maybe it was the way her sundresses clung to her perfectly thin body or the way her skin always looked perfect and smooth – but I was shocked beyond belief when she ordered.

“I’ll have the French-style roasted chicken, with glazed potatoes and vegetable sauce,” she said confidently as she handed the menu back to the waiter. I grinned like a dork, realising this girl was perfect.

“Uh… the house steak please, side of garnish salad,” I said, handing my own menu back to the waiter. He thanked us and made his way back inside and I smiled at Sookie, “I never would have taken you for a big eater, Miss Stackhouse,” I said confidently, waggling my eyebrows at the beautiful girl.

“Well, Mr. Northman, there seems to be a few things you’re still yet to learn.” Sookie and I spoke about our lives for the next half hour while we waited for our food. She told me how she had grown up in a small town with her brother and that while she had wanted to start an Art Gallery, as she had told me earlier, helping kids still was at the top of her list. I was proud of her, proud to know someone who was working to better others and not themselves which made me wonder why she had agreed to go out with some hot-shot tattoo guy she only just met. She must have realised I was thinking to much and squeezed my hand.

“Hey, you okay?” she asked gently, her look one of concern and worry. I shook my head and squeezed her hand back.

“Fine, just enjoying your company,” I replied, hoping she didn’t figure me out. Before either one of us got another word in, our food was brought over and we dug in. I watched as Sookie ate her chicken, used her utensils carefully enough to carve the skin off the bone and mix it in the vegetable sauce before placing it in her mouth. My cock twitched and I hoped he would go unnoticed. I started my own dinner, out conversation being drawn out between mouthfuls of food and the red wine I had ordered. While Sookie said she wasn’t much of a drinker, she had agreed to share some wine, an offer I hope she would be happy with.

“What year is the wine?” she asked, swirling the red liquid around her glass. I checked the bottle, “1947,” I replied and she smiled, taking a small sip before taking a larger mouthful. “Hmm, delicious.”

“You seem to like red wine?” I asked her as I swallowed another mouthful of the delicious steak I had ordered.

“I use it a lot in my cooking.” Her mouth quirked up a little in the corner as she said this and I had a feeling she liked cooking. It was the same kind of smile I got on my face when I spoke about tattooing, or drawing in general.

“Sookie, can I ask you a question?” She looked up at me, placed her utensils down and dabbed at her mouth with her napkin. She nodded gently and I hoped she wouldn’t get offended when I asked her what I had wanted to ask since earlier that day. “Why didn’t you want me to pick you up?”

Her face seemed to got a little red and I instantly wished I hadn’t asked. The night was going so well and I had hoped to take her by the bar site and show her my next project but I had a feeling that was all going to hell now. She shuffled a little in her seat.

“Eric…, I don’t… I mean,” she stuttered over her words, obviously worried about what she was going to say to me. Was she nervous about something? The girl was beautiful, intelligent and totally selfless so what did she have to worry about? “Where I live…, its not exactly the best place. When I moved to New York, I didn’t have enough money to put a down payment on a nice apartment so I live in one I don’t really like. Lately I wanted to move but haven’t found the right place. I don’t take anyone there, really. I just sleep and eat there and spend the rest of my time either at work or out in the city. Its really stupid, embarrassing really.”

The poor girl looked like she was going to cry so I quickly took her hand in mine and squeezed it. “Hey, darlin’,” I said, making her grin a little and my heart fluttered, “That doesn’t mean anything to me. You’re a wonderful person doing great things for kids who would end up on the streets if it wasn’t for you.” She nodded, realising I was right and lifted her head to meet my eyes. “When you’re ready to look for a new place, when you’re ready for someone to help, I would be honoured to help you look.”

The redness in her cheeks gave my ego a huge lift and I realised I had saved this date from being hell to possibly being an alright night. Now I only hoped I could keep it going that way.


Okay, so not extra long but still longer than other chapters. Thanks for reading and again, really sorry for the delay in updates. Remember to review and follow and check out my new Eric and Sookie story, How To Get There. Thanks for reading. Hope to update again really soon.


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