08. Sookie

/ -*-*- / CHAPTER SEVEN / -*-*- /


We stayed at the bistro for another hour, enjoying our meals and each other’s company. After my second glass of wine and a serving of delicious crème Brule, Eric paid the check and took my hand.

I smiled as we left the bistro and Eric directed us towards his shop. “I want to show you something,” he whispered in my ear, pulling me along down the street. I nodded and greedily enjoyed the feeling of his hand in mine. We reached the shop and I was surprised when we kept walking, past the shop and a few more buildings down before finally sopping before a large unnamed building.

I eyed the place and shot a look to Eric, who was grinning. “You didn’t bring me here to murder me, did you?” He chuckled and squeezed my hand.

“I wouldn’t have bought you dinner if I was going to kill you,” he replied with a slight grin, “No, this –” he waved his arm at the building, “this is my new project.” Before I could ask anything further, Eric pulled out a key from his pocket and unlocked the door. He pulled me inside and I smiled.

“You’re building a club?” He grinned – I noticed he did that a lot – and brought me in more, to the middle where I supposed the dance floor was.

“We made enough profit last year to invest in a new business. Godric and I decided on a nightclub – it was either that or another tattoo shop but we didn’t want to open ANOTHER tattoo shop in New York.” Eric then showed me around the club, the bars, the booths, VIP rooms for private parties and the offices out the back. All the while, he didn’t take the goofy grin off his face.

“Eric, this is amazing,” I said as we stood in the office I supposed was his. We leaned against the large oak desk, shoulders touching. “When do you open?”

“Hopefully this weekend,” he replied, “We’ve just got to finalise staff and finances and we’re right to go.” I nodded and understood why e was so happy – in such a short time and still being so young, Eric had managed to accomplish two of his dreams. He nudged my shoulder, snapping me from my thoughts. “I was wondering actually, if you wanted to come? To opening night? As my date?”

I giggled to myself as I watched his ears turn a tinge of pink as he blushed. Smiling like a loon, I leaned my head against his shoulder, “I don’t know, I’m dating this really great guy, covered in tattoos, be may get jealous. But I suppose I can fit you into my busy schedule.”

“Gee thanks,” he replied. I lifted my head to tell him I was just joking when I noticed his eyes were locked onto mine. “You know, you really are an amazing girl, Sookie,” he whispered gently, reaching up with the hand that wasn’t holding mine to cup my cheek.

The next thing I knew his lips were on mine for our first kiss. His lips were soft and as I reached up to delicately and gently touch his face, I realised his skin was soft as well. Eric turned us, me against the desk, and him between my legs. As he continued to kiss me, Eric reached down and grasped my things, picked me up and placed me ever so gently on the desk, taking a step so that he stood flush against me. His tongue traced my lips and I eagerly opened my mouth and accepted him.

We stayed like that for a while, Eric’s mouth devouring mine and his hands touching my body in a way no one ever had. It was when his long fingers skimmed ever so gently under my breasts and even softer over my nipples that I pulled away. “Eric,” I whispered, our foreheads pressed together and both of us panting like randy teenagers, “as much as I would love to continue… whatever this is, I need to be at the school early and I need some sleep.”

Now, there are some things I hadn’t told many people but the one thing I kept to myself was my track record of bad relationships. There had only been a couple- two actually – that had ended after years of dating where I had slowed both parties down when I wasn’t ready and even though I had finally given in and had sex, it wasn’t on my own terms. If Eric wanted to date me, he had to accept who I was and how slow I wanted to take things.

Expecting him to huff and grumble about me being a tease and push me away, I was surprised to find him nodding before placing one last kiss on my forehead before helping me off the desk and walking us both out. As we walked out, I wondered if the excited and astonished grin I had on my face would make him wonder what was going on in my head but we just continued walking, hands held tightly again. Eric locked the door and waved down a cab for me, explaining he would take the subway home, which he said was his normal routine. He handed the cab driver some money – more than I supposed it would cost to get me home, cheeky bastard – and opened the door.

“Sookie, I would very much like to continue…this, whatever this may be,” he said, a gleam in his eye making me smile as he repeated my words, “so I’ll call you tomorrow, plan for Saturday?” I nodded and took his hand as he offered to help me in. After closing the door and waving me off, Eric turned and headed towards the subway.

Soon enough I found myself curled up in bed, dreaming of Eric and his soft lips and the weekend to come.


So… finally they kiss. Took ’em a while didn’t it folks? Notice how I squeezed in some touches here and there? Well, the next chapter will be out soon – hopefully and will start delving more into their current relationship (whatever the hell that is) and their past relationships as well as some well-known faces showing up to stir the pot, so to speak Reviews are great and very much appreciated.



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