Two. Sookie POV

Disclaimer: I own nothing, though I would love to wake up to Eric every morning. Anyone have any suggestions as to how I can achieve this without my husband finding out?


* Flashback *

Seven years earlier, when Sookie had recently celebrated her graduation from High School and her acceptance to college. Her brother Jason and his best friend Eric had taken her out to the Graduation party to keep an eye on her and best friend Amelia Broadway but also to drink themselves silly.

Sookie had dresses casually but still looked every part the Southern Belle she was known to be by adorning a white sundress with red flowers stitched into them along with a red cardigan and red flats. Eric had told them he would drive them in his cherry-red corvette that had been a graduation present from his father when he had graduated. Jason, Eric and Sookie all clambered into the car and drove the fifteen-minute ride to the High School football field where Sookie’s class were already celebrating.

Sookie ran off, leaving her brother and his friend in the car to find her best friend. Eric and Jason had grabbed two beers and hung back, watching as Sookie danced with Amelia and her current boyfriend and Jason had muttered how he hopped Sookie didn’t get too drunk.

An hour later and Jason had left Eric all by himself by the corvette after he had run into his ex-girlfriend Crystal who wanted to say hi, and by hi, Eric supposed they were going to go and fuck in the woods. Sipping on what had to be his seventh beer, Eric chuckled as Sookie smoothed up to him and pulled him out into the crowd to dance.

A twenty-one year old, past student at a graduation party wasn’t unseen; as Eric had remembered a few of the upper class-men attend his and Jason’s party. Sookie moved against Eric’s body as the music pumped around them and after he finished his drink, his hands were free to make their way up and down her sides.

There was so doubt in his mind that Sookie was a beautiful woman and soon after she had turned eighteen he had noticed her even more, not just as his best-friend’s younger sister. She looped her arms around his neck and whispered in his ear, “Wanna get out of here,” before pretty much pulling him off the dance floor and towards his car. Eric knew he should have stopped her before they even reached the corvette but the blood in his body was not flowing to his brain.

Eric,” she whispered, pulling him over to his car and lying on the hood, her legs wrapping around his own and pulling him down, their lips meeting briefly before she giggled, “I’ve always loved you,” she said gently and Eric grinned, pressed his lips to hers again and trailed a hand over her knee and slightly up her leg. “Mmm… just like that baby,” she groaned out and it was then that Eric realised how drunk Sookie was.

He pulled away and she pouted. “Sorry Sook,” he said, taking her hand and making her sit up, “but I’ll not have you puking on my car after you profess your love to me.” She groaned again and made to move off the car. “No way girlie, we’re taking you home.”

Soon enough, Eric had entered her home, carrying a very tired and very drunk Sookie up the stairs, Adele Stackhouse glaring sternly at her granddaughter. Jason returned in the early hours of the morning to find Eric passed out on the couch and his sister throwing her stomach contents up in her bathroom. He had tried to sneak in but Adele caught him by the ear and gave him a good stern yelling at before demanding he get cleaned up and sober by the time Sookie was downstairs.

Eric had managed to go without a hangover or vomiting though as he sat at the kitchen table, a cup of steaming fresh hot coffee in his hands, the same couldn’t be told for Sookie. She emerged from upstairs wearing a white tee and shorts and grabbed the cup of coffee from Eric’s hands. “So, about last night,” he started, watching the blush rise from her neck as she finished the last of the coffee.

It was a mistake Eric, a drunken mistake that I am so…so sorry for,” she finished for him, coming to sit beside him at the table, “I hope it hadn’t ruined our friendship.” Not being able to speak words, Eric just shook his head and watched as she grinned, placed the cup in the sink and began making waffles for breakfast. Eric knew he was telling himself a lie because last night with Sookie had been the best kiss of his life.


“Eric, Gran died.” The words are still replaying in my mind, even now an hour later as we sit in my office in the firehouse. I had told Quinn that I needed to take some personal time and get me a meeting with the Chief, who had gone home for the day. Quinn said he would organise the paperwork and have it signed for me by the next morning. There were just a few guys on call tonight, which was pretty normal for a weeknight so Sookie and had the privacy of the back offices to ourselves.

“Eric,” she said, snapping me from my thoughts and I just wanted to wipe her fresh tears away, “the funeral is on Saturday. I wanted to make sure that you knew, just in case you…”

In case I what? Did this girl seriously think I wouldn’t attend the funeral of her Gran, the woman that had pretty much raised me? I shook my head and took her small hand in mine, “I want to be there.” She nodded and took her hand back, stood and made to leave. “Hey,” I said, jumping to my feet and taking a step towards her, “Its great to see you Sookie.”

She nodded and I offered to walk her out, grabbing my bag on the way as well. I needed to get home, have a shower and organise what I was going to do about taking personal time. We walked side-by-side out of the firehouse and I noticed she still had the car her Gran had given her after her birthday and it was parked right next to my new convertible. “I should have known that was your car,” she laughed, getting her keys out and unlocking her car as I threw my duffle into the backseat of my own car. I chuckled at her and stood in front of her, leaning slightly on my car. “So… I guess I’ll see you on Saturday then?”

“Hey, so does Jason still hate me?” The question made her sigh and though I knew I was in no position to ask, I still had to know.

“Eric, it’s been five years. You have to give him some time. You were best friends growing up and its because of you that he joins the Sherriff’s department.” I nodded as she eyed something very interesting off in the distance.

“I’m sorry I bailed on you all,” I said, sounding like a teenager again, just like the old days. She smiled and Jesus Christ; she still had the same smile that made me hard in an instant, “I never wanted to Sookie.”

“I know Eric, but it still happened, didn’t it?” I didn’t reply but watched as she opened a door, climbed inside and rolled down the window. “The funeral is at one and the wake starts at three at my place.” I nodded and closed her door for her and watched as she drove away, telling myself over and over again that it would not be the last time I saw Sookie Stackhouse.


On the drive back to Bon Temps my cell phone rang multiple times. One was a message from Jason, asking me – no, begging me – not to go to Shreveport to see Eric. A little late for that, brother dear. The other three times were from Sam, my boss at Merlotte’s, letting me know that I could take as much time off as I possibly needed but reminded me that we had a really important function next week due to Sheriff Bud’s retirement party.

After an hour of driving I pulled up at Gran’s house and saw the lights were on. Jason must have been home, I considered as I made my way inside. Jason was there all right, along with Amelia, Tray, Hoyt and Jessica, Hoy’s girlfriend. “Uh… hi guys,” I said, placing my bag down on the kitchen table. Jason was glaring at me and Amelia cleared her throat.

“Sookie, did you go see him?” I groaned inwardly and threw my hands up in the air.

“Seriously, Ames,” I shouted, “You of all people are judging me?”

“You didn’t have to go see him, Sook,” she continued, Tray’s hand on her back, “He’s wanted nothing to do with y’all for five years.”

“I know that, but he was in Gran’s life as much as the rest of us and I thought he had a right to know. He deserved to know.”

Jason scoffed and stood, throwing his arms up in the air at the same time. “What the fuck Sook, Gran hasn’t even been dead a day and you’re already causing trouble.”

“Jason Stackhouse, you shut your fucking mouth,” I swore, turning and heading out of the kitchen and upstairs to my room. I threw myself on my bed and felt the tears flow. Jason could be such a redneck asshole sometimes and though I knew he didn’t mean it, he knew how to hurt me. I don’t know how long I was lying there but soon enough there was a soft knock on my door.

“Hey Sook?” came Amelia’s soft voice. She opened the door and let herself in, coming to sit beside me on the bed. Her hand touched my back and soothed me as I continued to cry.

“I don’t know what Jason’s problem is Ames,” I said to her through the pillow and my tears, “Eric was a huge part of Gran’s life.”

“And your life,” she replied. I nodded and felt my breathing go back to normal. “Hey Sook, I’m going to ask you something and I want you to promise not to get mad and to be completely honest, okay?” I nodded. Amelia and I had been best friends since pre-school and I never kept secrets from her and always answered her truthfully. She sighed heavily before finally asking her question.

“Are you still in love with Eric?”

Well, I though this would be a nice place to end the chapter. At least we know what happened between Sookie and Eric all those years ago. And I suggest bringing a box of Kleenex to the next chapter which will contain Gran’s funeral, Jason and Eric getting into a fistfight and Eric comforting Sookie after someone eats’ “Gran’s pie.” Yes, there will be elements from the series/books in the story but only in a very vague way. Expect to see an appearance by Bill and Alcide in coming chapters also. Though I don’t know how each will include them in Sookie’s life, I’m sure Eric will be just as pissed as the rest of you. Remember to review. Thanks all.



2 thoughts on “Two. Sookie POV

  1. Firstly, between this site and your other (suchsexistories) you’ve got quite a few of ideas going at once! They all seem great and I can not wait for updates!

    There has to be something more than Eric leaving to have pissed Jason off that much. Its not like Shreveport is all that far away. I can totally see Jason driving up on the weekends to party at Eric’s bar for free drinks and fast women. Can’t wait for the next chapter!

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