Chapter Four

After he left her in the tent, Sookie peaked through the flaps to watch him walk away. She stayed in the tent for almost an hour, going over everything that had happened and what he had told her. After that hour, Sookie willed herself to return to Fae to confront her grandfather. Since Sookie was only young, she had not yet learnt all of her powers. To return to Fae, Sookie had to concentrate and focus far harder than others.

Feeling the tug of her teleporting, Sookie opened her eyes to find herself outside of her grandfather’s study. Gathering her skirts, Sookie pushed the door open and marched over to Naill’s desk.

“You lied to me,” she yelled, not caring if anyone heard her, “You lied, grandfather.”

“Sookie, my child, jumping from the chair and rushed forward to meet his grandchild, hugging her hard, “We have all been so worried.”

“Do not lie to me anymore, grandfather,” Sookie snapped, pulling herself out of his hold.

“You confuse me Sookie. I have never lied to you.”

“You continue to,” she said, her tears brimming at her eyes, “Tell me grandfather, do you think me to young for the truth?”

“Stop speaking in riddles and tell me child.”

Sookie eyed her grandfather, tears in her eyes as her heart breaking. “I met a vampire today.”

Just after sunset, Eric rose for the night, his lust for the Fae woman awakening him long before the others. He brushed himself off, letting the dirt of the world fall to his feet. Eric began his travels back to the camp, hoping and expecting Sookie to still be there. He neared the tent and felt his erection grow.

Please allow a night of no battle; Eric thought as he got closer to the tent, I need this woman. He pushed the tent flaps open – nothing.

She had left. He could smell her but only faintly which meant she had left long ago. He roared in anger and kicked the nearest thing he could reach. Eric huffed out of the tent, feeling his erection grow and grow. Damn her, he thought, making his way through the camp to the slave tents. He would get rid of this erection, if it meant fucking and draining some whore to accomplish it.

Ash he neared the slave tent, Eric suddenly stoped when he smelt it. Smelt her. He turned and seen her standing beside his tent. His fellow warriors were just beginning to return from resting and eyed her eagerly as they walked past. She had her hair shifted to one side, showing them his very claim on her.

Eric rushed to her side and took her face in his large hands and brought her lips to his and kissed her hard. Tears pricked at the corners of her eyes.

“I thought you had left,” he whispered, after they parted.

“I did,” she confessed, “to confront my grandfather.” He noticed she wore a different white dress – one with no sleeves and more detail.

“Why leave? I begged you stay,” he demanded, taking her handing and leading her to the tent. She settled down on the furs as he took off his armour and boots. Sookie wondered what would happen now that she had returned to him. Would she be his Fae whore, whom he drank from until he was bored? Would he merely want sex from her?

“My lady, you have nothing to fear. I mean you no harm at all.” Sookie then noticed his hard erection, hidden by his pants. She wondered what sex with a Vampire Viking was like. “But, would it be alright, I hope you will spend your nights beside me.”

“Would you wish to bed me?” she asked as he settled down beside her.

“Nothing would make me happier, lady,” he whispered, “but only when you allow me to I shall take you.” Sookie nodded and brushed her fingers through her long hair.

“I am sorry for the War you fight,” she said, eyeing him, “Truly.”

“Tis not your fault,” he replied, taking her small hands in his, “only the ignorance of a few old men. Tis all wars are lady.”

“Such a ridiculous reason,” she said, “I would be proud to protect you and your kinfolk.”

“If all men had your views, lady,” he whispered, bringing her close and smiling, “I would have claimed you long ago.”

He kissed her again, with as much passion and lust he could send through his kiss. Eric lowered her onto the furs, one hand cupping her cheek, the other trailing down her side to her leg.

“Let me love you, lady,” he whispered, brining his hand up to touch her most secret place, “Let me love you as no other person has.”

Sookie looked up into his eyes, the eyes of not only a Vampire but a man whom she could love. She placed one hand on his cheek and smiled at him.

“Love me, Viking,” she whispered to him, bringing their lips together.


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