CHAPTER III / She is Mine

Eric took her blood deep into his throat, letting the warm metallic substance refresh his tired body. The magic she has used on his wound earlier had healed him and as he held her against him, fangs deep in her neck, he claimed her. She would be his, she would stay with him and she would not go back to Fae. He stopped drinking from her after a minute, as he knew if he continued to drink, she would leave this world.

She groaned as he did, touching his lips to her forehead and lifting her up in his arms. He carried her through the wood to where he could smell his companions setting up camp for the night. He watched as he entered the camp as they each lifted their noses at the smell of her blood. They turned and looked ready to pounce.

Eric flashed his fangs at them. “She is mine.” He made his way over to a tent with the red blade painted on it (the tent of the leader) and carried her inside. The blood from her neck wasrunning down her neck and onto the white gown she wore. He lay her upon the furs and collected a bowl of fresh water and a towel.

Daybreak would soon come, witch meant he would go to ground and he knew he had to convince the Fae women to stay here, wait for him to come back to her. He drenched the cloth in water and began to remove the blood from her neck, which was already beginning to dry. Slowly, he watched as she began to move.

Her eyes fluttered open and she focused on his face. “Viking?”

“Eric, my lady. My name is Eric.” He took her hand and helped her up, continuing to clean the blood from her neck. She looked down, noticed the blood and tried to move. “My lady, please. You must stay still.”

“Let me go, monster!” she shouted, “Somebody help me please!”

“No one out there will help you, Sookie. They will drain you dry and through you in the pit with the others. I am helping you.”

“What are you going on about? What are you?” she asked him again. He felt the hour tug at him and knew the sun would be up soon. He suspected his fellow vampires would head to ground before him, leaving him with his little Fae.

“I am the very being who your Fae warriors fight. Not just Vikings, my lady, but Vampires.”

She looked like she was going to laugh at him. “Vampires? My lord, such children’s stories have long been forgotten. There has not been a vampire in the world for almost a century.” At her words, Eric let his fangs run down. She gasped. “But… but my grandfather-”

“Lied to protect you no doubt. You have been lied to, princess. Your grandfather knows of what we seek – we only wish to have protection during the day from your people. After they declared War after one new vampire bit and drank from a half-Fae woman, we fought them. My lady, you can end this.”

“My grandfather would never lie to me. Vikings are attacking and want our land. That is why we fight. We would never go to War. We are peaceful.”

“This is war, milady. And you have been lied to.” The sun was coming up, he could feel it and his bleeds had started from his eyes. “I must go to ground with my men, before the sun comes up. Will you stay here? I will return to you tonight. Please milady, stay here and be safe.”

He kissed her then and darted out of the tent, leaving the Fae woman in the tent, in the middle of nowhere, confused and alone.

AN: Dun dun dun! Will she wait for him? Find out next chapter.


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