The Sky The Dawn The Sun

Summary: AU. Eric Northman is the leader of a group of vampire Vikings at war with the fairies of Fae. After a battle, Eric finds himself face to face with the Fae princess herself.

Author: vegetasbubble
Rating: M
Contains: Violence, Sexual References, Sex Scenes, Language.
Authors Notes: This is a story that has been gnawing at the back of my head for a few weeks now. Finally sat down and wrote the prologue. Let me know if you enjoy it. (Extra Notes: Set in the time of the Vikings around 900-800BC and Eric has been a vampire for almost 100 years. Will include Time travel later on in the story.)
Disclaimer: I do not own True Blood or the Sookie Stackhouse Novels. All characters are created and owned by HBO. I just borrow them to use for my own pleasure.


Blood, dirt and death. Those were what faced anyone who stepped out onto the battlefield on that cold, dark night. The Viking horde had lost a great man that day. A fae warrior had destroyed Godric and all had stopped to watch their beloved leader turn to blood and guts and ashes.

None was struck with more shock than his child, Eric, who had felt the death of his maker from almost a mile away. Eric had beheaded the Fae warrior he fought and took flight to where Godric had been ended. He roared in anger and started killing all the Fae around him. Soon, Eric was standing in that field, covered in Fae blood, all the other Vikings kneeling before their new leader as he spoke a prayer his mother had taught him many years ago.

He prayed to Thor that Godric’s soul would pass to Valhalla and that he would look after them all as the battle for control continued. It was midnight when Eric had killed the last of the Fae warriors. His teeth slid down of their own accord as he sunk to the nearest Fae and drained the Fae until the skeletal remains fell to the ground and disappeared in a glow of dust.

“My lord,” a fellow Viking said, watching as he new leader felt the last of the Fae blood seep into his belly, “the battle is done. Victory is yours.”

The Viking who spoke soon found Eric’s hand around his throat. “You have lost your leader today, maggot. Be caring for the vampire we have lost today.” Eric through the man to the ground. “Remember that,” he called, “all of you.”

Eric left the field then, taking to the sky and searching for a secluded place to be by himself. He ignored the injury he had and told himself he would heal when he landed. A small secluded meadow and stream son caught his eye and Eric descended to the ground beneath him. The pain in his shoulder did not hurt as much as the pain of loosing his maker. He willed the pain away, commanded his body to heal itself.

But it would not.

Eric sighed heavily as he stripped his tunic and bent down to the stream, cupping the cool water in his hands and washing away the blood and mud in his hair and on his face.

“My goodness,” he heard in a whisper behind him. Eric quickly turned, blade in hand as he confronted the intruder.

Eric stopped. A girl. A woman.

She tensed when she saw his blade. Eric swallowed unnecessarily as he stood tall before the woman. She was dressed in a gown of white and silver and her blonde hair fell to her shoulders. Eric sniffed. Fae.

Like most Vampires, Eric had only en-counted male Fae and believed their women to be non-existent. But this woman before him was most defiantly Fae.

And most defiantly beautiful.



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