Sookie moaned as Eric lowered her to the furs. She had never felt the touch of a man, let alone a Viking. She had heard their touch was course and rough but as Eric moved his hand up along her leg, she groaned with desire.

His kisses made her feel like she was on fire and Sookie pushed herself up against his hard form. “You feel amazing,” Eric whispered, as his fingers feathered against her most secret area. “Like sunshine,” he muttered as he pressed a finger against her and she made a sound in the back of her throat that made Eric smile. “Let me share my love for you lady.” His long digit entered her warm centre and she threw her head back with passion. “Does that feel good?” he asked her while he entered a second finger. She groaned again and grasped his shoulders.

“Oh goodness,” she groaned, digging her short nails into his arm. He grinned as he flicked her nub with his thumb. Sookie came undone and squealed with pleasure, the Viking grinning down at her.

“It is okay to enjoy it lady,” Eric whispered as she looked up at him after her pleasure had subsided. Her eyes were slightly clouded and Sookie wondered how touching could feel so good. It was then she noticed a hardened appendage pressing against her leg. He had removed his fingers and taken her small hand in his and gently placed it against his pants. “My desire for you is no longer hidden, lady,” he whispered as her eyes grew, “I crave you.” In the darkness of the tent, Eric unbuttoned his pants and let his hard member free. Sookie wanted to pull away but Eric had her hand held firm.

“I-I cannot,” she whispered, feeling it pulse and grow beneath her touch.

“You can, lady. Be strong.” He pulled her up to face him and kissed her hard, holding her shoulders and allowing his hard erection to press against her stomach. “By the Gods, I want you, I crave you.”

Sookie was about to respond, about to let the Viking take her completely when they heard a voice outside the tent. “My lord- you have a visitor,” the voice of a fellow Viking said, making Eric groan. His erection would have to be ignored once again. He released Sookie’s shoulders and pulled his pants up and left his tunic forgotten about on the furs. “I am coming,” he hissed at the Viking, wishing he was instead saying the words to the beautiful Fae woman.

He turned to her to ask her to wait while he visited his guest when she said something that shocked him. She placed her hand on his chest, just over his heart and smiled up at him. “Go,” she whispered, “I will wait here.”

Eric wanted to fuck her then and there but settled on kissing her forehead gently. “I will be but a moment.” Eric left the tent, knowing if he didn’t leave then, he never would. He made his way over to the guest tent and opened the tent flaps to an unexpected visitor. The man sat on the small cot provided, a black cloak covering his face. He stood slowly and reached up, pushing the hood off his head.

“Eric of the Vikings,” his guest greeted him, “My name is Naill, King of all the Fae.”

Eric wanted to pull the Fae’s head off the moment he revealed himself. He wondered how upset that would make the lady back in his tent. Eric crossed his arms over his chest and stared at the Fae King. “I can smell her on you,” Naill said, “You have no right to taste her. She is royalty.”

“She is mine,” Eric hissed, bearing his fangs at the old man. Naill frowned and sat back down on the cot.

“Sookie is all I have left of my line. She is to take the throne when I pass. She must not be tainted. You cannot turn her.”

“Stupid old man,” Eric snarled, “You think I would change her? She is perfect – sunshine in a bottle. I do not have any thoughts towards changing her.”

“Then what use is she to you?” Naill questioned, eyeing the Viking commander.

Eric sighed heavily. “Companionship,” he whispered, loud enough for the old king to hear, “I have lost my maker, the only family I remember and Sookie and I are bonded.”

“I beg you.” Eric eyed Naill. The King of all the Fae had just begged him. Begged to a Vampire Viking. “Please return my Sookie.”

Eric eyed the old man suspiciously and crossed his arms over his chest. “Very well. I will enter into a bargain with you, old King. I will return Sookie to you, she can go back to the Fae, she can become Queen, whatever you want, but in return you will end this War and help my people. You will agree to watch over our daytime rest for as long as I command it.”

“You ask much, Viking.”

“Continue to question me and I will recant my offer.” Eric didn’t want to give up Sookie, he wanted to keep her forever and have her always be his, but he could not forget about the reason for the War. The reason for his maker’s demise. He watched as the old King thought over the reason and was surprised when he stood and held out his hand.

“Very well.”


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