CHAPTER II / Befriend the Enemy

Sookie led him over to the stream where she kneeled down, her dress flowing with the gentle wind. Eric watched her and sat beside her, still clutching the wound. He wondered why it wasn’t healing and he wondered if he took a little bite of her, took some blood, if he would feel revitalised.

“You must sit closer, Viking,” she said, and he watched as her cheeks went pink. “I must be able to touch the wound.” Eric nodded and moved closer, his knees touching hers against the stream. She smiled and lowered one hand into the water, Eric watching as the water glowed and went a darker colour.

“What are you doing, lady?” Eric asked, flinching a little as she moved her hand, and the ball of dark blue water towards his wound.

“Be still, Viking,” she whispered, “I am healing you.” Eric stiffened a little as the cool water touched his skin, seeped into his wound and entered his body. He could feel it, and as he was a Vampire he wondered why that was. Vampires couldn’t feel, could they? “You must stay still, I am loosing my focus.” Sookie continued to move her hand, and placed the other on his shoulder to steady herself when she couldn’t feel his mind aching. Sookie pulled her hand away, the water finally in his arm and the wound fully healed as she looked at him with wide eyes.

“What are you?” she asked him. Eric gave her a shocked look, wondering how she could not tell he was a Vampire. Had her family not told her about them, let her live a privileged life of prospect and shadow and never tell her of the danger beneath them. “Your mind is blank. I have never had this happen.”

“My lady, what do you know of the battle that happens?” he asked her, scooting closer and taking her hand in his. “Who do you fight?”

“Faes and Vikings are at war. You are the enemy.”

“I am Eric, Eric of Vikings yes, but I am also another. A being who has been kept secret from you for many years. I do not think I shall tell you though, I do not wish to hurt you.” Slowly, Eric raised his hand to cup her face, continuing to stare into her eyes. “You are the most beautiful woman I have ever met. Shall you let me kiss you, Lady Sookie?”

Sookie wondered what he was speaking about, about the being he was and what it had to do with the War when he swooped in and sealed his mouth over hers. Sookie had never been kissed before – by any other other than family anyway – and this Viking was stealing what her husband was intended. His tongue touched her lips and she gasped at how cold it was, allowing him to sneak his tongue into her opened mouth. Sookie moaned – she actually moaned, which was so unlike a Princess – as this Viking man, this other being as he called himself – kissed her this way, by a steam, while he was half naked.

She wanted to pull away, to teleport home and depends to know what was really going on from her grandfather when he pulled her closer, close enough that she was pretty much in his lap, his arms around her waist, pulling her against him. Sookie touched her hands to his shoulders, his board tanned shoulders, the shoulders of a warrior. Why were they fighting? What was the reason? This man – Eric – could kiss her all day and never make her want to fight him.

Finally, after a long while, Eric released her lips and watched her eyes slowly open. “That was your first kiss,” he whispered, tucking a strand of loose hair behind her ear. She moved her face into his hand. “What did you think?”

Sookie finally remembered where she was and with whom and jumped to her face. “You bastard!” she yelled, “How dare you kiss me like that! How dare you kiss me at all! You are a mindless Viking, not good enough to kiss the Princess of the Fae. You will let me go right this minute!”

Eric had had enough. He wanted this woman, this Fae woman, not just for her blood, but for her whole entire being. He stood up, his tall height towering over her again as he chuckled.

With a grin that exposed his fangs, which had ran down, as he stood, Eric said, “No lady I shall not.” In the next moment, he was atop her, his fangs in her neck and her screams being unanswered.


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