CHAPTER I / Air of Truth

Eric had never seen such a beautiful woman. Viking women were astounding and interesting but none as beautiful as this Fae woman. She stood before him as a goddess.

She turned to run and started ducking beneath tree branches as Eric gave chase. “No, milady, wait please. I mean you no harm. Stop!” He finally reached her and grabbed onto her arm, stopping her from fleeing.

“Let me go!” she pleaded, trying to pull her arm from his grasp.

“In all my years, I would never have thought to see a Fae woman.”

“What do you know of Fae, Viking!” she shouted, still trying to pull her arm from his hand. “Release me at once!”

Eric smiled. She did not know he was a Vampire. If she had, she would have teleported away or even zapped him with her light. She thought him a normal Viking. “Forgive me, milady. I thought Fae women to be extinct.”

“Well as you can see, we are not. Now release me, please.”

“Tell me your name,” he asked, pulling her closer, feeling the need to touch her, kiss her, even fuck her. “By the gods woman, your name.”


“Sookie!?” he asked confused, such a name never reaching his ears before. “Such a name, lady.”

“Tis but a name I have been called my whole life by those close to me. My Fae name is Susana.” Eric pondered a moment and realised she suited her strange name.

“I shall call you Sookie then, madam Fae.”

“You will no nothing of the sort. You will release me, or my grandfather will have your head.”

“Your grandfather?” Eric asked, confused as to why she would threaten him with some old man. Until he realised. “You grandfather is Niall? King of Fae and fairies. You, you are next in line.” Eric realised at that very moment that should he kill and drain this woman in his arms, the Fae’s would have to surrender to them. Their war had been going on long enough.

But Eric watched himself drown in her eyes, her beautiful sea blue eyes. “Woman, you must listen to me.”

“No I will not!” Sookie finally pulled her arm free as Eric turned to sharply to try and grab at her. His shoulder cramped, still not fully healed as he fell to his knees, clutching the pain.

“Mother of Gods!” he hissed, urging his teeth to not lower. He did not wish to scare her off.

“You are hurt,” she whispered and Eric looked up to find her before him.

“A flesh wound.”

“And still a wound that will get worse should you not see to it now. Come, I shall help.”

“You should go. The battle is getting closer.”

“I can hear it,” she stated, watching him stand and tower about her. She was so incredibly short that she should have to grow another two feet should he wish to kiss her. “And I am in no danger. Now, we shall see to that wound now?”


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