The Walking Dead One Shots

So, I’m obsessed with this show and after seeing the trailer for Season 4 I noticed a small Daryl and Beth moment (did anyone else see it?) which made me finally have an official ship for this series cause I’ve never actually shipped anyone. Sure I like Lori and Rick together but her death was inevitable. And when I realised that both Daryl and Beth are original characters made for the TV series I was like, well, why not. I mean, I know the age gap is a rather large one – she’s 17, almost 18 and he’s supposed to be in his late 30s to early 40s – but I really think Beth is the one character that can keep Daryl happy. I mean Carol has to much damage – uh, dead husband and daughter? – and Daryl doesn’t need that baggage along with his own background. So I jumped online and went hunting and holy crap the amount of stories I found was crazy and all written so well. So I’m adding my hand into that honey pot and since Season 4 is less than a week away, now is as good a time as any to start.

So, enough of my ranting. Lets get started with the fics okay? I will be linking each fic to the next one at the end of each fiction but all the one shots will be un-related. I will also be getting a lot of inspiration from songs, quotes and even other fanfiction when writing (I will be sure to name them all). So, with all of that said, enjoy the one shots.

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