Come Back To Me

Set during Season 4 Episode 3. Daryl goes to see Beth before he goes on the supply run.


“Can I have a minute with her?” Daryl asked Maggie, watching Beth through the tinted windows. Maggie nodded and waved one last time to Beth being walking down the hallway.

Daryl stepped forward and Beth noticed he wasn’t wearing his vest or hauling the crossbow. Noticing her eyes, Daryl shrugged. “I’m going on a run. Heading up to the vet college to see if I can find some meds.”

“Who else is going with you?”

“Bob. Spoke to Tyreese as well, asked him to come as well but he needs a minute.” Beth nodded and leaned against the window, lifting her hand up to the window.

“I miss you.”

“Miss you too, darlin’. Miss you so much.” He reached his own hand up and placed it against the glass, wishing he was touching her. “Take care o’ Judith okay? We’re all trustin’ you with her. And take care o’ yourself as well, okay.” Beth stepped closer and brought her face to the glass. Daryl leaned against it also.

“I love you,” she whispered gently, not knowing if he heard her or not. She was answered with a slight nod as her reply.

“Stay safe,” he replied to her, moving back a step. “Hey,” he whispered, making her look up at him again, “you’re gonna be okay. We’re gonna make it through this. I’m going to come back with those meds and back to you.”

“Okay,” she answered, hastily nodding, “Daryl? Please be careful.” Daryl nodded, took one last look at the blonde girl behind the glass before turning and leaving the cellblock. He hoped that he could find the meds and return to her by the end of the day. He needed this, needed her back in his arms sooner rather than later.




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