Prose to Page

Piano keys with hand

Prose to Page / Beth x Daryl / Rated PG 15+, slight use of curse words.

Based on the song “Over Anticipate” by Emily Kinney herself. Listen to the lyrics and tell me that its not a Beth/Daryl song. Set after Season 4 episode 1. I own nothing, not the song or the show or anything!

Beth found herself skimming her fingers along the keys gracefully, remembering her days in school when she and her friends would spend their lunch hours in the music room, bettering themselves for a prominent future. Well, before the world went to shit. It had been almost twelve full hours since Daryl had told her back Zack. Twelve hours since the only person she could be intimate and close with had been taken and killed.

Beth sighed heavily, allowing her fingers to press into the keys. It was a rare find, the piano hidden in the back corner of the library covered by a tarp. She wondered if some of the inmates had used it. Beth had been somewhat surprised that Daryl had been the one to tell her – she expected Maggie or Glenn or even Rick but for Daryl, the man she knew almost nothing about, to come and tell her himself? It was unthinkable and yet, slightly welcomed.

Ever since she and her family had invited the rag-tag group to their family farm, Beth had kept quiet and unspoken when it came to many things – including walkers, fighting and training. She knew how to protect herself, sure, but to actually have been involved in her father’s and Rick’s daily plans was lost on Beth and she didn’t mind.

She had been penning a new song when Daryl had came to her cell, slumped against the wall and solemnly told her about Zack. Unhappy and yet unwilling to cry, Beth had thanked Daryl but hugging him and then leaving. He had felt tense under her hold and while he had indeed returned the hug, he had felt stiff and pushed into the unknown.

All in all, Beth knew nothing about him but still, oddly, found the overzealous man quite attractive. She giggled as she thought of that, having an attraction to someone much older than her – she didn’t even know his exact age – and then felt slightly bad because of the circumstances of said attraction. Zack was dead, the only reason Daryl had spoken to her in the first place.

Could you fall in love with me? Love is such a mind blowing mystery,” she sang, pressing her fingers against the correct keys as each word left her mouth. Being alone in the library and having such a large space to work with, Beth’s voice and the sound of the piano travelled and echoed throughout the whole room and she smiled softly.

I know you’re very busy, and the timing’s not quite right, but I would take a bus on a busy Sunday night, too see you, too see you…” Beth thought about her relationships – first Jimmy and then Zack, both her own age and both simple, straight forward boys. Jimmy had been her first kiss, at the age of sixteen, and had even tried to pressure her for sex when turning seventeen. Beth had held out and when he had been ripped away from her that night on the farm, she thought she would never find someone else.

Until Woodberry that was, until the residents of the town joined them at the prison and she had met Zack. He was two years older than her and had been studying at college when the outbreak began. They had spent countless nights together before Zack had finally kissed her and even felt her up a little, much to Beth’s amusement. She had blushed, pushed his hand away and explained her virgin nature to him. He had just smiled, turned back to the view and nudged her. “Its ok,” he had replied and walked her home to her cell with no more than a light peck on her lips.

But then he had been taken, like Jimmy, by the walkers and killed on a routine run. Daryl had tried to comfort her with simple words and Beth had been appreciative of that but still, she found herself alone and unlucky in love. Thinking of Daryl again, Beth smiled. “Could you be my boyfriend, boys are such a big book that I haven’t read,” she sang, believing each word she sang. Her father had always told her to apply to Juliard, that maybe her music talents weren’t to be wasted but Beth didn’t want to leave her family. Her family and Jimmy. Zack and Jimmy had been the same people, simple and clean-cut and Beth knew what to expect but what she hadn’t expected was Daryl.

She hadn’t expected him to show up to her cell to tell her back Zack. She hadn’t expected him to care enough to listen to her drawl on about her loss of tears anymore. Most importantly, she hadn’t expected him to hug her back when she wrapped her arms around his middle. She wondered exactly how many women had Daryl been with, if he had even been in a relationship with any of them – hell, he may even had had kids. Beth knew nothing about the so-called redneck but she knew one thing: she liked him. “I know that you’re much older, and you’ve had so many lovers, but there’s no place I’d rather be, than underneath the covers with you – with you.”

Beth sang the words with a slight blush to her cheeks. The thought of having sex with Daryl, hell, having sex with anyone, was still a strange one to Beth. He was older, yes and that meant he knew things. Knew things that he could teach her. Beth and her friends had always gossiped and whispered about such things in the privacy of her bedroom, about the things a boy could do to a girl, or what a girl could do to a boy and Beth had always reddened and been quick to turn away. Now, as she sang her songs and listened to her words and thought of Daryl, she couldn’t help but feel slightly aroused.

“You sing well,” a voice interrupted her thoughts, making Beth’s head snap up and eyes dart directly to the doorway. She should have closed it, she cursed herself upon discovering the person, the male standing there. He took up the whole doorway, his very presence making her feel small and insignificant and seeing his bow strapped to his back at the ready reminded her of the world they all lived in.

“Daryl,” she whispered, obviously loud enough for him to hear, as he crossed the short distance from the doorway to the piano.

“Never knew this was here,” he said, in low tones and his Southern drawl. Beth merely shrugged and rested her fingers on the keys. “Didn’t know you played, neither. Though should have supposed, what with the singin’ and all.”

“I used to sing at my church,” Beth offered, “sometimes I would play.”

Daryl simply nodded and unstrapped his crossbow and rested it gently against the piano. He pressed one long, large finger down on a key and Beth giggled. He quirked an eyebrow at her and she straightened. “Sorry,” she whispered. He shrugged and mentioned to the seat beside her. She nodded and quickly moved over, allowing his tall and large frame to sit comfortably on the seat.

“So, will you play something else for me?” he asked her, grazing the tips of his fingers over the keys, not making a sound. Beth watched his hands, large and combat ready and almost entirely darkened because of his outside activities. Beth nodded and quickly placed her fingers at the right keys, before replaying the previous verse of her song. Daryl watched her fingers as she guided along the various keys, pressing gently and making the sound echo through the room. “I wanted to check in on you,” he suddenly spoke up, making her stop playing and turn to face him. “You know, after…”

Beth simply nodded and continued to stare at him while he looked at the keys.

“I don’t blame you, or anyone,” she replied, “these things happen now a-days. I’m just glad that it was you who told me.”

Daryl chuckled then and allowed his hair to fall in his eyes. He needed a hair cut, Beth supposed.

“Yeah well,” he responded to her, pushing himself up off the seat and proceeded to grab his crossbow, “other reason I came – Rick and me, we’re startin’ a self defence class. You know, hand to hand and weapons and such. Thought you may be interested.”

“Yeah, of course, defiantly,” she happily responded, jumping up off the seat and joining him as he reached the doorframe. He raised his eyebrow, another Daryl trait and she simply smiled, “I mean, its fun being with Judith all the time but I would love the lessons.”

Daryl chuckled again and Beth watched the same hair as before fall into his eyes. “Come on then, class has started.”

Things were looking up, Beth thought, following Daryl down the hallway and to an unknown, if not appreciated, defence class.

~ Fin





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