The Parting Glass

The Parting Glass / Beth x Daryl, from Daryl’s POV / Rated G / Season 3, Episode 1

He helps them set up camp in the prison yard, dragging the dead bodies of walkers to one side so that they can get a good night sleep. He follows Rick as they scale a tower and keep watch for about an hour while the others settle in. Daryl watches over the women mainly, because he worries more for them than anyone else. Carl can look after himself, so can Glenn and T-Dog and the others. As he stands beside Rick on the tower, he watches as Carl lights a fire and the group settle around it.

“Want to head down?” Rick asks him and he nods, following their leader. If Merle was here, he would call him pussy-whipped, letting some sheriff deputy take over. But Daryl didn’t care, he didn’t want to lead, he wanted to survive. As they neared the camp, he heard Hershel ask his younger daughter – Beth, the blonde one – to sing a song from her childhood. Daryl tried to remember good things from his childhood but couldn’t think of many.

He recognised the song she began singing almost instantly – it was an old celtic song he had heard many times in school and the way the young woman was singing made him want to listen more. He settled down next to T-Dog as she continued to sing. Of all the comrades that e’er I had, They’re sorry for my going away. Daryl shook his head, ignoring the thoughts that suddenly flooded his mind about his brother and the years of abuse he had gone through when he was younger. T-Dog offered him a cracker – somehow they had managed to find actual food – and he slowly took it. Daryl lifted his eyes and met Beth’s who were looking directly at him. I gently rise and softly call, Good night and joy be to you all.  Daryl moved his eyes to the fire as the song ended and Beth was praised by her father and sister.

The camp soon went quiet, the only sounds coming from the few stray walkers on the other side of the fence. Soon enough, most of the camp had fallen asleep and Beth was amongst them, curled by the fire by her father and sister. Daryl didn’t sleep much, mainly keeping watch while also repeating the song Beth had sung over and over in his head. Fill to me the parting glass, And drink a health whate’er befalls, And gently rise and softly call, Good night and joy be to you all.


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