Smile, its over

I’ve had this sitting on my hard-drive for almost a month. Finally feeling daring enough to post it.


Set post Season 6 Episode 1

She received the letter almost a week after she had last seen him. It had been posted and was waiting in her letterbox on her return from town that sunny Wednesday afternoon.

My dearest Sookie,

           I sincerely hope this letter finds you well and I am sorry it has taken so long to be sent. Trust me when I said the lawyer had the Deed written and signed by the day after I saw you though the writing of this letter has taken so long because I have had no idea how to pen this too you.

I still love you Sookie and while I understand your reasoning for doing what you did and probably would have had I been in your situation, I still care for you enough to miss your face, your voice, even the smell of you. And no, I don’t mean the blood, I mean the smell of sunshine and happiness and life.

The smell you are unaware you hold, though that smell is what I will always remember.

 Enclosed is the official deed to your home. I understand if you wish all communication between us to end after this letter. And trust me when I say I meant what I said – I do want you to return to being that girl, the one in the white dress, more than anything else I’m the world. And trust me when I say that I will fight whatever dangers present themselves to allow you to be that person.

Should you ever wish to speak with me again, you know I will always answer and be there for you. I love you Sookie and wish you well.

Yours in another life,

Eric Northman


Though her heart screamed at her to call Eric by the blood and allow him back into her life, to protect her and love her and hell, maybe one day even turn her, Sookie allowed her over thinking mind to make the decision for her. The letter was ripped up and thrown in the fire all the while the blonde haired woman cried, realising their story really was over and their love had reached its end.


Okay, so I was literally crying through the last scene between the two of them and though this letter up. I know Eric sounds OOC, but I supposed he may speak and treat Sookie differently now that their story is over. And though I hope they do come back together, and/or eventually have some more scenes together, I have a feeling deep down inside that their story is indeed over, which breaks my heart.  


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