Helping Judith 01: First Steps


Rated: PG, slight cussing

Summary: Daryl helps Judith take her first steps. Beth watches and enjoys the moment between the two.

Set: Post Season 3, Governor is dead.


Beth was leaning back against the wall of the prison, Judith sitting on her lap and playing with the small toy Beth had given her. It was a hot summer day, almost half a year since the Woodberry folk had been invited to stay with them. Judith was now just over six months old and had been starting to get very mobile. Carol and Beth were so happy and excited when the small girl had pulled herself up on her crib. Only six months old and already pulling herself up – Beth supposed it wasn’t long until the small baby would be walking.

“When’s it gonna be, missy moo?” Beth whispered to the baby, “When we gonna see you walkin’ around, and takin’ charge like you’re daddy?”

“That’ll be an interestin’ moment,” a deep Southern drawl spoke, making Beth look up and spot crossbow-wielding Daryl Dixon himself, arms crossed and sweet smile on his face. Beth had to admit, the last six months without the constant threat of the Governor hanging over their heads. Beth has been told that Daryl had witnessed the death of the psychopath by Rick’s hands and both had returned happy men.

Beth smiled to Daryl then looked back down to the little girl. “Look Judith, its Uncle Daryl. Big bad scary Uncle Daryl.”

“Don’t listen to her Jude,” Daryl replied, bending down where he was. Beth and Judith were about five feet away from Daryl, who grinned at the two girls. “So, she gonna’ be walkin’ soon?”

“I’m thinkin’ so. She’s going to be crazy fast  though, I reckon’. Should see her sit up and hold herself up on her cot. Its amazin’ really,” Beth replied, watching as Judith pulled herself up on Beth’s offered hands. Daryl watched as the small girl pulled herself up, gripped Beth’s hands and lazily smiled towards Daryl. “Good girl Judith,” Beth whispered, kissing the small girl on the cheek.

Beth stretched her legs out, allowing Judith space to move if she wanted to. “Come on Jude,” Daryl said, holding his hands out towards the small girl, “show Beth how clever you are.” Judith babbled and smiled again, moving her small food around in the air. “Come on Jude – one at a time. Come on,” Daryl continued.

Beth watched with wide eyes as Judith released one hand and took a step forward, still holding one of Beth’s hands. Daryl moved his hands more, fingers moving up and down to encourage her to move. Judith laughed and pulled her other hand from Beth’s hold and moved her little legs along. “Oh my God,” Beth whispered, eyes filling with tears as she watched Judith wobble towards Daryl, hands out and babbiling. “Daryl, oh my God, she’s walking! She’s freakin’ walking!”

“Thats it Jude, baby. Come on sweetheart, come to  Uncle Daryl.” Judith finished walking, falling a little forward as Daryl caught her little hands, helping her reach her target. He wrapped her up in his arms and chuckled happily. “Good work, baby girl. You’re so clever, lil’ asskicker.”

Beth grinned at the hug Daryl shared with Judith and stood up. She brushed her hands on the back of pants and stalked towards them. “She loves you, you know,” Beth offered, watching as the little girl tried to grab at Daryl’s face.

“Yeah, I don’t blame her. I’m very loveable.” Beth grinned at his joke and looked back towards the prison. “Come on asskicker, lets go show your daddy how clever you are.” Daryl fell into step beside Beth, his hip momentarily nudging her’s as they began their walking back to the prison.

-END –

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